Fairy Light

In the early hours of the morning I captured this image. It could be a trick of the light but it’s a fantastic trick of the light. I called it Fairy Light and left it there. Subsequently, long after I read a chapter in Manchan Magan book called Netherworld and I came across a word, crithir. It means a particle or spark or flame of light, or the tiniest portion of something. It can also refer to insubstantiality in solid objects, once they begin to shed their solid form they can be referred to as crithir. My mother would say of someone going through a tough time, the poor crithir. I never knew it meant something so deep though. Such as something going from a solid to a crumbling state, like a ploughed furrow crumbling after the rain or crithir fola (trembling blood), a fatal disease called braxy. Sheep get this when they eat frosted root crops in the field. It’s stunning the descriptive nature of the Irish language and the level of feeling it can portray in a single word! Fancy getting real Wild About Ireland!

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