Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy: 15% non refundable booking fee and a full non refundable payment paid 21 days before departure. 

What to take? Please ensure you bring comfortable footwear and and rain gear 

What if it rains? There is no such thing as poor weather, just poor clothing. Please bring a good jacket. 

What is the baggage allowance? A maximum of one suitcase per person plus hand luggage. Please inform the driver before booking if you are travelling with bulky items like golfing or fishing equipment. 

Is accommodation included? While we can advise of the best and most central accommodation, accommodation is the clients responsibility. 

Where will the guide stay overnight? There is an additional charge for overnight stays for the guide which is included in the quote 

Why is a tour to and from Dublin Airport expensive? The parking fees at Dublin Airport are expensive and need to be booked well in advance. 

Do you cover the North of Ireland? Yes, all our guides are accredited National Tour Guides and cover the 32 counties of Ireland

My destination is not on any of your scheduled itineraries? We are happy to accommodate any requests, please just make a request and we will create a bespoke itinerary for you. 

Can I get tax back on purchases made while on holiday in Ireland? Yes, you can easily claim up to €2000 on purchases in Ireland. The minimum spend is €75 on multiple purchases and this can claimed up to 3 months after departure. Just register with Flexco, some retailers process the claims for you. 

What if the vehicle breaks down during a tour? While all the vehicles are kept to the highest standards, sometimes these incidents do occur. The vehicles are covered by AA breakdown assistance. A replacement will be secured as soon as possible. 

I wish to add a visit to Skellig Michael UNESCO World Heritage Site? Tickets for Skellig Michael are limited due to the environmental sensitivity of the site. The tickets must be booked a month in advance to avoid disappointment. Please note, visitors must be physically fit to assend the Skelligs. 

I wish to visit Bru na Bionne UNESCO World Heritage Site ( Newgrange Passage Tombs)? Entrance is limited to Newgrange and may need to be booked up to a month in advance to avoid disappointment. The preferred tour is the two hour tour with access to the Newgrange Passage Tomb. Please contact us if you require advice. 

What if I need to leave because of emergency or illness: You will need to fill in a termination of tour form? Every effort will be made to ensure that you can rejoin at a later date. 

What do you do to care for the environment? Wild About Ireland Tours have a Leave No Trace policy based on 7 principles. 

• Plan Ahead and Prepare
• Be Considerate of Others
• Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife
• Travel and Camp Responsibly
• Leave What You Find
• Dispose of Waste Properly
• Protect Nature From Fire

Note: Please consider bringing a refillable water bottle for your journey 

Are seat belt mandatory in Ireland? Yes, seat belts must are worn in the front and back seats at all times. 

Do you provide child seats: Yes, we can provide booster seats. Child seats must be provided by the clients. 

I have a disability or mobility issues, can you accommodate me on the tours? Yes, of course we can facilitate people with mobility issues. Please ensure that you inform us of this when booking the tour. We are more than happy to help!